4Life Gold Factor

Gold Factor is a delicate suspension of intricately shaped ultra-fine gold particles in ultra-pure water. Uniquely developed and exclusively licensed, Gold Factor is an extensively researched activation molecule that boosts cellular vitality to sharpen mental acuity and memory and promote longevity by protecting cellular DNA. In independent laboratory studies, Gold Factor increased telomerase activity (an enzyme that protects telomeres or endcaps of DNA and a key healthy aging marker) compared to no treatment, and performed as well as or better than the leading anti-aging, cellular vitality, or gold colloidal supplements currently on the market.*

Consuming one ounce of Gold Factor twice a day can help you truly thrive in today’s world. Supercharge your cells with Gold Factor!*

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Features and Benefits
• Helps eliminate air pollutants in the respiratory tract*
• Supports your airway’s natural defenses against pollution-based damage*
• Reduces oxidative stress in the respiratory system during challenges such as air pollution*
• Supports breathing function*
• Helps the body deal with mental stresses caused by air pollution*
• Boosts lung function and lung tissue health*
• Helps you breathe in air pollution conditions*
• Educates, enhances, and balances the immune system with 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula*

Key Ingredients
• Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) – supports clear breathing and helps your respiratory system remove air pollutants and foreign particles*
• Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) – Contains a powerful antioxidant that supports detoxification in your body*
• N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) – Boosts antioxidant function in smokers and nonsmokers*
• Vitamin C – Boosts lung function, supports healthy lung tissue, and reduces oxidative stress to your respiratory system*
• Vitamin E – Acts as an antioxidant, supports breathing function, and helps reduce oxidative stress to your respiratory system*
• Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) seed extract – Provides benefits for your lungs in air pollution conditions*
• Bilberry (Vaccinium myritillus) fruit extract – Reduces oxidative stress during challenges such as air pollution*
• 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula – Helps educate, enhance, and balance your immune system with UltraFactor from cow colostrum, OvoFactor from chicken egg yolks, and NanoFactor from ultra-filtered cow colostrum*

Serving Size: Three (3) capsules per day
Servings Per Container: 30 (90 capsules per bottle)

Take three (3) capsules daily with 8 oz of fluid.


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