4Life Precious Pool Vitamin Essence

With the luxury of the earth’s offerings in a silky serum, this product infuses your skin with essential vitamins, ferments, and super-antioxidants for a nourished, more youthful-looking complexion.

Fermented green tea leaf water, red maple leaf extract, and saccharomyces lysate extract nourish, moisturize, and sustain the skin’s surface microbiome, while other ingredients protect skin against daily stressors, and soothe, calm, and brighten the complexion.

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Main Features
• Creates a veil of elegance and suppleness for the skin
• Provides support for a healthy skin surface microbiome and skin conditioning
• Provides a vegan formula

Key Ingredients
Korean Calming Complex of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaf extract, Anthemis nobilis flower oil, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Centella asciatica extract, Polygonum cuspidatum root extract, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, and licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract is an all-natural and protected ingredient cocktail that has been researched and found to provide calming, settling, soothing, and moisturizing benefits to the skin for a fortified skin barrier, essential to healthy and young-looking skin.

Niacinamide is a Korean functional ingredient that refines and brightens the complexion to even out blotchy-looking skin and create that glasslike look and texture.

Adenosine works with niacinamide to brighten an uneven complexion and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Ascorbyl glucoside is a vitamin C derivative that converts to pure vitamin C upon contact with
the skin’s surface and works well with other ingredients to support your skin’s ability to look smoother, brighter, and younger. When combined with niacinamide, the two ingredients create a powerhouse against uneven skin tone and color.

Sugar maple (Acer saccharum) extract is indigenous to North America and offers a fresh, new ingredient and technology for skincare.

Saccharomyces lysate provides support for a healthy skin surface microbiome and skin conditioning.

Directions for Use
After cleansing and toning, dispense a small amount onto fingertips and gently sweep over face, neck, and around delicate eye area. Lightly pat into skin until completely absorbed. Follow with Ripple Refine Eye Cream. Use twice a day during your morning and evening regimens.


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