4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost

4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost powers up your immune system cells with the highest dose of 4Life Transfer Factor® in any 4Life product (1,000 mg). Take Transfer Factor Immune Boost any time you want a powerful immune system boost, especially in times of mental and physical stress when you don’t have time to feel anything but your best. Contains 4Life Transfer Factor, which is clinically proven to activate the immune system within two hours! This light, effervescent, orange-flavored powder also contains impressive levels of vitamin c, zinc, and high-potency vitamin D to provide wide-spectrum immune system defense and antioxidant support, replenish lost electrolytes to support hydration, and promote healthy cellular aging. Simply mix one packet in six oz or more of water, let fizz, drink, and experience a comprehensive boost in health and wellness.*

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Features and Benefits

• Provides wide-spectrum immune system defense and promotes overall health*

• Contains 1,000 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor (more transfer factor than any other 4Life product) to boost your immune system function*

• Contains 4Life Transfer Factor, which is clinically proven to activate the immune system within two hours1*

• Provides 1,000 mg of vitamin C (more than 10 oranges)

• Contains zinc for added immune system support*

• Is a high-potency source of vitamin D

• Promotes healthy antioxidant levels*

• Replenishes electrolytes vital for hydration*

• Contains key electrolytes and vitamin K2

• Features all-natural flavors and sweeteners

• Provides a delicious orange flavor in a light effervescent powder that is portable, shareable, and convenient


Primary Support: Immune System*

Secondary Support: Antioxidant*

Product Specifications

Serving Size: One (1) packet (7.1 g)

Servings per Container: 5


Mix one (1) packet with six oz of water, let fizz, and enjoy.

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